Click to enlarge: Growing mushrooms.Click to enlarge: Growing mushrooms.Click to enlarge: Growing mushrooms.Click to enlarge: Growing mushrooms.

White Prince FARMS

Click to enlarge: Growing exotic mushrooms in old railway turnnels.White Prince Farms at Windsor, Picton and the Blue Mountains vary from niche to large quantity producers. Mushrooms grown to meet market demand include Swiss Browns, Portabello, while button and field mushrooms. All produce is collected daily after pre-cooling at each farm. Transport temperature is controlled with a Thermoking refrigerator and air ride suspension to minimise bruising. The produce temperature is tested at collection and final destination points.

The module at Sydney Markets has three 24 hour temperature controlled rooms. Each room can be cooled to a different temperature to suit different types of produce and their unique temperature requirements.

White Prince Suppliers

Click to enlarge: Metro TransportWhite Prince has long term relationships with its growers. Due to this close rapport White Prince is able to consult on the best type of produce to meet market demand ensuring the best sale for the grower and the best produce for the customer. Many of the growers have been with White Prince since its startup.

White Prince Customers

Click to enlarge: TransportationWhite Prince customers are varied from small to large, wholesale, retail and food manufacturers. At White Prince Markets we attempt to develop long term business relationships to understand and tailor our products to meet their expectations. White Prince supplies all states of Australia every day with a wide range of quality fresh produce.


Sweet Chilli and Ginger MushroomsMushrooms are the perfect food for the way we live today. They’re speedy and simple to prepare, blend well with other flavours, can be cooked almost any way you can imagine, and are winners in the nutrition stakes too.

Teriyaki Ginger Mushrooms

Even the most time-challenged cook can have a luscious meal ready “in minutes”. This makes mushrooms perfect for simply any meal occasion be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.